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Over the years, Bill Hughes has worked with some of the finest business talents in the nation. His company, HughesFaction.com, provides business services from its Illinois headquarters and its affiliate offices in California and Virginia.  All activities are conducted in accordance with pre-defined budgets and measured against quantified performance metrics.

Services include:

  • Business planning, consulting and assistance
  • Website enhancement, development  and marketing
  • Search engine marketing, optimization, and advertising
  • E-commerce, social networking
  • Program management, investor relations

Services are tailored to meet the needs of clients with or without dedicated internal resources. Delivered over a 3-to-12-month period and billed on a “time and material” basis, fees are based on the desired level of personal contact and the scope of activities.

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“Technology alone will do nothing to increase your business results. Nor will automating marginally effective or low quality work.”

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